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indoor soft play items
Various play events

Trampoline parks: 15 events.

Indoor soft play: 7 play areas.

You may choose any areas you want.

customize indoor trampoline park and indoor soft play
Customization Options

We can customize the themes and sizes according to your needs.

indoor play equipment for kid and adults
Multi-aged Customer groups

Trampoline parks: 3-55 years old

Indoor soft play: 3-15 years old; Special area for parents

high quality indoor soft play and trampoline park equipment
Durability and Quality

High quality materials and Skilled workers. One-year warranty. Perfect after-sales service.

Various play items

We provide diverse play areas and events to cater to the needs of customers.

Free jumping area
Participants can jumping on this area.
Professional Trampoline area
The bounce height of the professional trampoline is higher than trampoline of free jumping area.
Bumper ball
Participants can collide with others in the plastic inflatable balls.
slam dunk
Participants can dunk with ease.
foam pit
Submerging in a sea of foam balls is so much fun.
spider wall
Participants can be attached to the Velcro wall.
ball pit
It’s a sea of tiny plastic balls. Participants can play and even sink in it.
slide area
Slide is always popular. And participants can slide into the ball or foam pit.
climbing area
This area can train children’s physical fitness.
indoor rope course
Kids can roll, climb, drill, and dangle in it.
Building Blocks area
Kids can stack high quality EPP building blocks here.
simulated city area
Here children play doctors, customers, patients, supermarket owners and more.

Projects with high return on investment

The project that will pay for itself quickly.

indoor soft play and trampoline park equipment

“I am overjoyed with my investment in the indoor trampoline park and soft play business. The appearance and profit have exceeded my expectations. They not only creates fun places for families but also promises a promising return on investment. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a delightful and profitable business opportunity!”


Thomas Wooding

Delivery details and installation for our equipment

As a professional manufacturer, we have about 21 years of sales experience. We have sold indoor soft play equipment to many countries.


Loading indoor soft play equipment


Dedicated workers are installing the jungle gym for a customer


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