Are you looking for indoor trampoline park for adults for sale? We provide economical yet high quality adult trampoline indoor!

Nowadays, indoor trampoline playground has been a popular fun place for adults. The main customers of indoor trampoline park adults are college students, young adult and parents beside kids and teenagers. Although they are adult, they still are childlike and want to recall the memory of childhood. And some of them need a place to release pressure after work. We provide a fun paradise for them, and our trampoline is large and robust enough to handle the jumping of adults.

How indoor trampoline park adults bring benefits to you?

Our trampoline for adults indoor are suitable for people aged 3-50, which is with wide range of customer groups. It means many guests will come here. Especially for parents, they can go to trampoline indoor for adults with their kids. Trampoline indoor adult creates a family-friendly place for them. Besides, young adults like college students still retain their childlike innocence, so indoor jumping for adults is also popular among them.

Although the number of passengers depends on your local population and economic development, we guarantee you can make a lot of money. You may set the entrance fee at $20 an hour. And you will gain a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a day. In this case, it won’t be long before you get your money back.

Where to buy economical indoor trampoline park for adults?

The price per square meter of adult trampoline indoor decreases as the area you buy increases. It varies from $110 to $180. And recently we have a discounts promotion to celebrate Christmas and Chinese new year! Don’t miss out this chance and contact us directly!

The materials of indoor trampoline for adults

We use robust tendon cloth and well-known PLATO brand PVC to manufacture best indoor trampoline for adults. No matter how players bounce or jump, the trampoline will not break up. Besides, the steel tubes are all wrapped by soft cushions. Thus, when players fall on the trampoline indoor for adults, they won’t get injured.

parts of the indoor playground with trampoline equipment