Recent years, indoor soft play gym has become an integral part of recreational spaces. They provide a safe and entertaining environment for children to explore and develop crucial physical and social skills. A diverse range of soft play centre equipment are available for sale. And soft play equipment cater to businesses seeking to invest in the project or parents establishing a home play zone. In this article, let’s explore the exciting world of jungle gym soft play of our company! And l’ ll highlight some must-have items that cater to various age groups and developmental needs.

soft play structures for sale
the pirate themed jungle indoor playground for sale

Soft Play Mats:

Soft play mats serve as the foundation among indoor soft play equipment. They offer a comfortable and cushioned surface for children to crawl, roll, and play. In addition, these mats come in various shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors. And they provide both visual stimulation and a safe space for physical activity. What’s more, we provide jungle play area mats are easy-to-clean and durable to ensure longevity.

Ocean Balls:

Ocean balls are a classic favorite kids soft play equipment among children, offering a sensory-rich experience. They encourage motor skills development, coordination, and social interaction. In addition, ocean balls reach the child’s chest. And the children walk in them as if they were swimming. Kids walking Ball pits come in various sizes, allowing for customization based on available space. We provide high-quality, non-toxic plastic balls to ensure safety during play.

the pirate themed jungle indoor playground for sale
the pirate themed jungle indoor playground for sale

Soft Play Blocks:

Soft play blocks are not only fun for building structures but also contribute to cognitive development. These blocks are made from foam or other soft materials, preventing injuries while still allowing for creative construction. Our company offer blocks with vibrant colors and different shapes to stimulate a child’s imagination.

Climbing Structures:

Climbing structures provide an opportunity for children to develop gross motor skills and build confidence. Soft play climbing structures come in various forms, from simple ramps to more complex structures resembling mini obstacle courses. We use sturdy materials including robust PVC, national standard steels and nylon ropes and the design promote safe climbing.

the pirate themed jungle indoor playground for sale
free jumping zone of jump giants trampoline park for sale


Trampolines as a classic amusement project are always popular among kids. Our trampolines are suitable for kids and adults. They not only bring fun to kids but recall the childhood memory of adults. The joy of jumping, rolling creates memorable experience for participants.

Sand area:

Sand area provide a zone for kids to build sand castles or other small buildings. We used sea sand in the past, but now we use a kind of Chinese medicine instead of it. This is to prevent children from eating it and cutting the digestive tract.

sand area of the the indoor playground for sale

Investing in soft play items creates a stimulating and safe environment for children to play and learn. Soft play equipment for sale ensures that you can tailor the space to meet specific developmental needs. By incorporating these engaging and safe elements, you contribute to the joy and growth of the children who interact with them.

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