Trampoline play area has been a hot investment amusement project recent months. Different manufacturers provide different trampoline park events and play areas. These amusement projects add fun, novelty and excitement to trampoline park background. So what events is jump & play trampoline park with? Our indoor trampoline park for sale includes 15  versatile events: free jump area, professional trampoline area, spider tower, wipeout trampoline, dodgeball area, bumper ball, slam dunk, foam pit, spider wall, donut slide, kids rope course, ball pool, devil slide, climbing volcano, zip line in the sky.

The following trampoline park events are specific introductions.

indoor jumping playground for sale

Fall area:

Spider tower, foam pit, and ball pool.

As a important role in our jumping playground indoor, ball pool and foam pit are full of colorful small balls or foam. When players in it, they feel in the sea of balls or foams. Ball pit and foam pit make people relax as small balls or foams surround them to give people enough sense of security. People can jump in or lie on them, feeling the process of falling. However, people will not get hurt for balls act as a buffer when people fall.

Spider tower refers to a lot of ropes with gaps between them. And players can fall down from the top to foam pit without getting hurt. It is very exciting!

ball pit of salem trampoline park

Collision area:

Bumper ball.

People can bump into others with round inflatable suit which protect them from injury. When they crash someone, they will be bounced off and may fall down. This is a exciting event.

Bumper ball

Jump area:

Free jump area and professional trampoline area.

Trampoline is the most important amusement area of indoor trampoline park for sale. These 2 events are like classic trampolines. The difference is that the latter can jump higher on the latter.

free jump area of trampoline play area for sale

Climb area:

Climbing volcano improve the limb coordination and increase the courage of players. People will feel the thrill when climbing. Meanwhile, the safety is ensured as when players climb, they are tied with safety ropes.

climbing area

Slide area:

As a classic amusement equipment, slide adds more fun to jungle trampoline park. Our slides – donut slide and devil slide, are more exciting, creative and novelty. They are of different structures and functions. While attracting kids, they also recall the childhood memory of adults. Set up them in your best indoor trampoline park also increase diversity. And you may install it next to the ball pit or foam pit and players will slide into them.

slides of the jungle land indoor playground for sale

Rope course area:

Rope course is not only fun but beneficial for kids’ healthy. It is very suitable for kids for its flexible structure can exercise kids’ limbs and strengthen their bodies.

rope courses of trampoline park background for sale

Other fun area:

Slam dunk:

People can be bounced by trampoline and jump high enough to dunk. It can be easily finished even for kids. Players will experience joy and confidence when dunk as some of them may not dunk on the ground.

free jumping zone of jump giants trampoline park for sale

spider wall:

It is a magical area that people can be attached to walls by Velcro.

spider wall of trampoline park background for sale

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