Are you on the lookout for an economical yet high-quality indoor trampoline park for sale to invest in? Look no further – come and explore our exceptional indoor trampoline playground! We are glad to give you affordable indoor trampoline park prices. And we’re excited to announce our recently launched promotions!

Specific indoor trampoline park prices:

Indoor trampoline park prices depend on area size. We sell indoor trampoline park equipment by the square meter. The larger the area, the cheaper the price per square meter.

Specifically, it is $180 per square meter within 50 square meters; 50 square meters to 99 square meters $ 150 per square meter; 100 square meters to 299 square meters $ 130 per square meter; 300 square meters to 499 square meters $ 120 per square meter; 500 square meters and above USD 100 per square meter.

jungle trampoline park for sale
parts of the indoor playground with trampoline equipment

Top-notch quality:

As a professional manufacturer, we have our own factory. And our factory has a complete production line and some workshops. Indoor trampoline park equipment for sale are made of robust well-known brand in China– PLATO brand PVC, tendon cloth and soft wrapped steel pipe. These materials are non-toxic and harmless. And the material quality inspection is qualified by China Quality Inspection Department. There is no hard part in the indoor playground trampoline park, which guarantee the safety of players.

Discount promotions of our indoor trampoline park prices:

As Christmas is coming, we’ve launched a promotion to celebrate Christmas. If you buy commercial trampoline park equipment during the Christmas event, you will enjoy a 15% discount. If missing this promotion, you may have to wait for another year. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

indoor trampoline playground for sale

In conclusion, the opportunity to acquire our economical indoor trampoline equipment perfectly balances cost-effectiveness with quality. Our economical trampoline park represents a sound investment in a growing industry. Don’t miss out on this chance to redefine recreation – invest wisely, invest in our economical trampoline park.