Do you want to invest a children’s trampoline park for your business? Come and see our children’s trampoline park for sale!

Trampoline as a classical amusement equipment, has been popular for many years. And now comprehensive children’s jumping place is launched! It includes trampolines, Velcro wall, basketball area, climbing area, slide, ball pit, jungle gym area. Compared with classical trampoline, indoor trampoline park equipment is with more functional zone and is more interesting.

indoor trampoline park equipment for sale

The price of children’s trampoline park

The price of bouncy places for kids depends on the area. The larger the area you purchase, the lower the price per square meter. And you can choose any play area we have.

What benefits can kid trampoline indoor park bring to you?

Firstly, as a recently emerging entertainment project, jumping places for kids can attract so many players. Secondly, children’s jump places can accommodate many players at one time. Therefore, the income it brings is considerable. Thirdly, you barely need to maintain indoor jumping for kids. Cleaning it is also easy. Besides, the installation of it is also simple, and we could send some workers to help with the installation if you need. However, you need to pay for them.

jumping indoor park for sale

Beside kids, who are the main customers of bounce places for kids?

Despite the main player of children’s jump place is kids, adults can also play in it. According to the feedback of our customers, parents often go to childrens indoor trampoline park with their kids. Therefore it is a great place for families to play. In general, parents often bring their children to child indoor trampoline on weekends and holiday.

The safety of children’s trampoline park

Our trampoline is made of robust tendon cloth and well-known PLATO brand PVC. Thus, no matter how players bounce or jump, the trampoline will not break up. And it is also safe for adults. Besides, the steel tubes are all wrapped by soft cushions. When players fall on children’s jumping trampoline, they won’t get injured. Additionally, as it is non-electric, it is safer than classical amusement electric equipment.

parts of the indoor playground with trampoline equipment