Properties Parameters
Product Origin Henan, China
Materials Calvanized steels; PVC; PP; Tendon clothes; Foams
Size&Style Customized
Suitable age aged 3-55
Apply to Amusement parks, play houses, malls, etc.
Play items 15 kinds

Indoor trampoline playground has become a popular and profitable venture in the entertainment industry, with over 500 parks in the U.S alone. Starting a trampoline park business requires careful planning and consideration. The business plan should include factors such as equipment, location, layout, attractions, insurance, and permits.

The profitability of a indoor playground trampoline depends on various factors, including the balance between expenses and revenues. Such as rental fees, maintenance, labor costs, insurance, marketing, and tickets. It is crucial to conduct research and create a business plan to ensure the success of a trampoline park venture.

jump adventure trampoline park for sale

Customized styles and sizes of trampoline parks we offer

We provide various styles of trampoline parks, such as open and covered trampoline parks. And we can customize the styles you want. The colors can also be customized.

Besides, we can also customize the sizes of indoor trampoline equipment according to your venues. From tens to thousands of square meters of trampoline park, we can design it for you.

What’s more, you can choose some play area you need. And the price is based on square meters. We provide 15 kinds of play items.

How many play areas do our indoor trampoline equipment include?

Unlike classical trampoline, our indoor trampoline park equipment is with various play areas. It includes Velcro wall,  etc. Among them, players can be attached to the walls by Velcro. And climbing area is very popular among kids. Slide which wrapped in a cushion completely creates a childish world for players. What’s more, ball pit is also a popular play place recent months which makes players feel in the sea of balls. Jungle gym area also add fun to trampoline park indoor playground. With these play areas, players will not feel dull. If you are interested in purchasing indoor trampoline park equipment, you may choose the various play areas you need.

collision area:

Bumper ball area:

People can collide with others in transparent bumper balls. They may be knocked down or bounced, which is so exciting. However, the soft and resilient bumper balls can ensure their safety. Bumper balls give people a relaxing yet safe experience.

free jump area and bumper balls of indoor trampoline playground for sale

Slide area:

Rotating slide:

Different from classic slides, rotating slides provide new feeling for people. The rotating part of the slide is completely enclosed, creating a sense of unknown and excitement. Rotating slide makes people spin and they feel out of control.

Devil slide:

The slope angle of the Devil Slide is very large, close to 90 degrees, so it is very exciting. Moreover, people can slide down very quickly, which increases the excitement.

Rotary slide of the jungle gym play centre for sale
slides of the jungle gym play zone for sale

Kids’ exercise area:

Rope course:

Rope course is a challenging project where people can move forward by grabbing ropes or hoops. The bottom is made of soft sponge cushions or trampolines, and foam can also be placed. So people will not be injured if they fall.

It bring fun to people while exercising their physical fitness.

rope course of trampoline park background for sale
rope course of trampoline playground for sale

Bounce area:

Free jump area:

This area is like a traditional trampoline, except it’s separated by some foam panels. And each area suitable for a small number of people to bounce on. This way people are less likely to be hit or injured.

Professional trampoline area:

Professional trampolines are more elastic and can make people jump higher. This way, people can do some moves in the air. It is an upgraded version of ordinary trampoline.

free jump area of jump giants trampoline park for sale
professional trampoline of jungle trampoline park for sale

Fall area:

Foam pit:

Foam pit is full of square foams, and people can jump into it from a trampoline without getting injured. People can feel the comfort of being wrapped in foam. Besides, foam pit can be set up under rope course.

Ball pool:

Ball pool is full of hollow plastic balls. People can jump into it from a trampoline without getting injured. People will feel the support of the ball inside, just like in the ocean. In addition, ball pool can be set up under rope course.

foam pit of trampoline playground for sale
ball pit of salem trampoline park

Climb area:

Rock climbing:

Rock climbing can exercise people’s limbs, is challenging and exciting. People tie ropes to reach high rocks to climb to the top. Our rock climbing is at the right height, and is suitable for kids and adults.

the climbing area of jumping playground indoor

Other interesting area:

Slam dunk:

In dunk zone, people can bounce up on a trampoline and dunk. It allows people who usually have difficulty dunking to dunk. This area adds to more fun of the trampoline park.

Spider wall:

There are Velcro on the spider walls. People can stick to them by wearing special clothes and they will not fall off. They need to be pulled off by others.

slam dunk area of jump giants trampoline park for sale
spider wall of trampoline park background for sale

Who are the major customer groups?

The most important thing of indoor trampoline park business plan is customers’ analysis.Trampoline park indoor playground for its unique bouncing fun and its age suitability, attract so many fun-seekers.

  • Suitable for adults and kids

Both adults and kids are suitable for jumping playground indoor. In jungle trampoline park for adults, adults can also relax and recall the joy of their childhood. And some parents go to indoor playground with trampoline with their children on weekend. And they have fun together to promote family ties.

  • Appeal to teenagers

Besides, trampoline park background attract a lot of teenagers. The venues of indoor trampoline equipment is larger than classical trampolines for kids, and even teenagers can jump freely.

free jump area of trampoline play area for sale

Expenses and revenues of trampoline play area

Expenses of trampoline park equipment for sale

Operating costs include equipment costs, rental fees, maintenance and labor costs, as well as insurance, marketing and utility expenses.

Our Indoor trampoline park equipment for sale can accommodate many player once, which bring great benefits for investors. As for price, indoor trampoline park for sale is sold by square footage. Prices range from $100 to $180 per square meter. The larger the area you buy, the lower the price per square meter. You may contact us to know about the specific price. And also our company can design your indoor playground trampoline park according to your venue.

Revenues of indoor trampoline equipment

According to research, the average annual revenue for an indoor trampoline park is between $1 million and $3 million. This number will vary depending on the park’s location, visitor volume and spending patterns, price, and service offerings. Indoor trampoline park profit margins can vary, but industry standards indicate an average profit margin of 15-25%.

Where can I build a trampoline park equipment?

When building indoor trampoline equipment, you need to consider that the place has enough space (both horizontally and vertically). Besides, good accessibility and complying with safety and building regulations are also important.

You may build it in many places: Shopping Malls, Warehouses, Leisure Centers or Sports Complexes, Old Gymnasiums, Amusement Parks or Family Entertainment Centers, Unused Industrial Buildings, etc.

How is the quality of our trampoline equipment?

As a reliable manufacturer, we are committed to provide you the best quality indoor trampoline equipment. we use top-notch materials to ensure the safety and feeling of experience of children. For example, we use wear-resistant PVC and robust tendon clothes. In addition, steel tubes are wrapped in soft cushions, and there are no hard parts in our trampoline park equipment.

What’s more, our trampoline park equipment for sale undergo rigorous quality inspections. They are robust and durable, and require little maintenance. However, we recommend that you clean its surface frequently.

If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us!