Last July, the finance manager of an indoor shopping mall contacted us and wanted to buy indoor playground equipment. They plan to build a commercial indoor playground in an area about 205 square meters to increase the revenue and improve the customers experience. After a series of selections and communication with us, they finally chose a blue ice themed soft play equipment for sale. And indoor play equipment for sale in USA has brought them huge profits, and customers praised it.

commercial soft play equipment for sale in Dinis
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Why did our USA clients choose us?

While negotiating with our sales team, the customer also compared products from other companies. However, they chose us because of our company strength, quality of indoor play area equipment for sale and economical price.

What kind of soft play manufacturer are we?

Our company is a old brand company with about 21 years of sales and manufacturing experience. As a professional and reliable manufacturer, we have a factory over 20,000 square meters, 60+ workers and 11 workshops. Besides, we sell naughty castles to many regions around the world every year, including North America, North Africa, Central Asia, Europe, etc. After visiting our factory and company, this client finally chose us.

How about the quality of soft playground equipment for sale?

To make the top-notch indoor play area equipment, we use high quality materials: PVC, stainless steel, foam, nylon, rubber, wood, etc. These materials are robust, wear-resistant and durable. In addition, to ensure the safety of indoor play centre for sale, there is no hard area in it.

How much does our soft play equipment cost?

We are willing to provide our clients affordable price. The price per square meter is between $60-150. The larger the area of the indoor commercial playground equipment you buy, the cheaper the average price will be.

What is the sales process of indoor play equipment for sale in USA?

After browsing our website, the finance manager expressed interest in our indoor play centre equipment. And then, our sales team asked him about the size of the venue, and recommended some styles to him. The size of their venue is:around 205 square meters; 40 foot length, 27 ft width and 18 ft height. And he was interested in a blue sea themed indoor play gym equipment. Besides, he told us that they were planning to open the soft indoor playground in November.

sales process of indoor play area equipment for sale

Delivery and installation of the indoor play equipment in USA

We packed the soft play area equipment in a large container and shipped it to the United States. And we send some workers to install soft play centre equipment. besides, if you don’t need our installation team, we will provide installation drawings and videos to you.

Feedback of our USA clients

Our USA customers are incredibly satisfied with their decision to build a commercial indoor playground in their mall. Indoor play equipment for sale in USA have been an absolute success, drawing in a steady stream of customers and keeping them engaged and entertained. Besides, indoor soft play for sale has brought huge profits to them.

commercial soft play equipment for sale in Dinis

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